Hi there, I am Laurent, a designer with 8 years of experience building tech products.

Wearing many hats has given me a unique perspective on how to build products successfully.

My work is characterised by an obsession for excellence and clarity.


I am currently the Chief Product & Design Officer at Koober, a mobile app helping people learn every day.

Previously, I have worked as a product designer, product manager and product engineer, in-house and freelance, for established companies as well as pre-Product-Market-Fit startups.

I have built a variety of products: SaaS, marketplaces, eCommerce, consumer and B2B, desktop and mobile.

In my freelance time, I’ve been helping companies ship better products through a combination of direct contribution and mentoring.

Despite having experience in various product roles, I consider myself first and foremost as a product design expert.

Chief product & design officer
Product designer
Product designer
Product manager
Product engineer
Product manager
Product engineer
Product engineer


I live in sunny Lisbon, Portugal.


The details of my work experience.
Daily-ish thoughts on work.
My understanding of things, in long form writing.
A collection of my visual design work.
Examples of product challenges I have solved.
I curated the best videos I found on building products.
Books I am reading, have read or want to read.
Things I have I found worth reading.


Product-Engineering collaboration with Bastien Duret
Episode 2 of my podcast – Minimum Viable Podcast.
Nov 2021
From 0 to product market fit with Bruno Vegreville
Episode 1 of my podcast – Minimum Viable Podcast.
Nov 2021
Design & Product management : duo de choc ou choc des cultures ?
Invited for short contribution to an episode of the Design MasterClass podcast.
Oct 2021
Parcours de carrière et évolution entre designer et pm
Invited to a roundtable with “We Love Product!”.
Apr 2021

Testimonials from customers and colleagues

William Pambrum, CPO, Inato

“Laurent has traits that are difficult to find in product designers: strong system thinking and first-principle thinking. His ability to create user-centred experiences while solving business needs make him someone you always want in your team.”

Stéphane Prioux, VP of Product, Singulart

“Our collaboration has radically leveled up our Design both in quality and efficiency. It has been very comfortable for me to rely on him as quasi-head of Design, bringing all its energy and expertise to the SINGULART development.”

Florian Rival, CEO, GDevelop

“I really appreciated Laurent's proactivity, autonomy and expertise - each project with him made us learn new best practices and frameworks. This collaboration helped to push pragmatic improvements to our app and taught us how to do better decision for our product.”

Edgar Hipp, CEO, Coding Puffin

“I would definitely hire Laurent again for user research, product design or process improvements because he always offered wise insights on my vision.”

Samuel Collin, CPO, Rize

“The collaboration has really helped us make sure that we keep the needs of our users front and center, despite sometimes contradicting external pressures.”


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