Hi, I am Laurent, a product coach and designer. I help product leaders and teams become excellent at their craft.

Examples of areas I am helping my clients on:

Acting as a part-time Head of Design for growing teams
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Establishing user research and prototyping best practices
Coaching team members to excellence, especially new PMs and designers coming from other roles
Designing an effective hiring process for product roles, including being part of the interview team
Improving delivery quality and speed (ship faster, collaborate better, especially with engineers)
Transitioning from feature factory to empowered product teams
Setting good objectives, metrics and priorization systems

I am also occasionally available as a senior product designer for challenging projects.

In the past, I have worked as a software engineer, product manager and product designer in startups and large organisations. You can find more details of my work experience on LinkedIn.

I regularly write articles and tweets about product management and design. I also keep a list of articles, books and videos I found particularly great.

You can find a few samples of my UI design work on Dribbble.

I spend most of my free time cooking 🍲, surfing 🌊, or listening to music 🎧.

Want to say hello or work with me? Send me an email!